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West Norfolk Junior Cricket League 2018

West Norfolk Junior Cricket League Rules, Regulations and Objectives 

1. Players must be under the respective age limit on 1st September prior to the start of the new season. 

2. The games will consist of twenty x six ball overs - unless local conditions are such that both teams agree to an adjustment in the number of overs.   

3. All games must start promptly at 6.00 pm. 

4. On field coaching is allowed only at Under 11 and Under 13 games. 

5. No player to bowl more than four overs. 

6. At Under 11 and Under 13 levels, two runs shall be awarded for a wide or no-ball, instead of an extra ball, until the last over when the normal extra ball law will apply. An extra ball for a no-ball or a wide ball will apply during all overs bowled at Under 15 level. 

7. Match Ball used must be a new Hunts County Pink ball for each match, supplied at the NCL party as agreed at the AGM which shall be:

 • 4 ¾ ounces for Under 11 and Under 13 • 5 ½ ounces for Under 15 - away teams are advised to take one to away games in case of any issues.

8. The Pitch length must be : • 20 yards for under 11 • 21 yards for under 13 • 22 yards for under 15 

9. The ECB regulations concerning Close Fielders will apply in all matches. The ECB regulations regarding the use of helmets for batsmen and wicket keepers, and the limitations placed on fast bowlers, will apply in all matches. 

10. Two rolling substitutes, notified before the start, may be allowed in any age group game. 

11. Four points to be awarded for a win, two points to each team for a tied or abandoned game. Games cancelled because of weather can be rescheduled as long as both sides agree to replay on a date up to 16th July 2018 . 

12. The home side are responsible for inputting the result on the PlayCricket website within 2 days of the match including the First and Last name of each player including DOB. 

13. League games cancelled due to weather can be re-scheduled, as long as both clubs agreed on a suitable date, and that the cut off for rescheduled games would be 16th July 2018 for all age groups. 

14. If points are equal at the end of the season, the total runs scored will be divided by the total wickets lost. The team with the highest resulting total takes the highest league placing. 

15. Players will retire at 30 for the U11 & U13 age groups and 50 for the U15 age group.  The player shall retire immediately after scoring 30 or 50, depending on age group, before the next ball is bowled.  That player can then return to the field to continue batting once  all the other batsmen are out.

16. Managers and umpires should ensure proper conduct on the field of play is adhered to and young players are made aware of the rules and etiquette of the game of cricket.